“This book grabbed me from the intense and gut wrenching prologue.”
~ Under the Covers

I am so excited that I have found a great new series to love and follow!  When I discovered the first book in this series it took me by surprise, and while I enjoyed this one a bit less than that one, I can honestly say there’s something uniquely alluring about this series and this author’s writing that will keep me coming back for more!

Onto THE HUNTER.  This book grabbed me from the intense and gut wrenching prologue.  Our hero, Christopher, is just a kid.  Born in jail, from a prostitute mother.  He’s forced to grow up with a thicker skin than most.  Made even thicker after witnessing his mother’s brutal rape and murder.  Now, a killer by hire, he’s left unfeeling and hardened.  Until he meets his next mark.  Actress Millie LeCour.

Dark for a historical, right?  I absolutely love that about this series.  While the premise of this book was very unique and I found myself deeply interested, I think it had some ups and downs.  We still have the incredibly dangerous hero as with book 1, but somehow his immediate attraction to Millie softened him a bit too much or too fast for my liking.

Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable read.  I was rooting for our heroine the whole time because she was absolutely amazing.  From her life choices and sacrifices to how she handled that dangerous man.  I give her kuddos for standing her ground when she had to and being the caretaker when needed.

All in all it’s a solid addition to the series and leaves me once again wanting to read more from this author.  I love that she’s taking risks with her storylines and giving us something different!




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