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“…packed full of raw emotion and smoldering with sensuality.”
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As a longtime fan of this series, I crack open each book now with high expectations.  That can often be the recipe for disaster.  But it has never been the case with the Loving on the Edge series by Roni Loren.  Yes, some books are better than others, but there is one thing for certain.  She will deliver one well rounded story, packed full of raw emotion and smoldering with sensuality.  LOVING YOU EASY did just that.

We have a set of unconventional characters that need to work together.  A geek girl that is extremely smart and borderline a hacker working in digital security, often seen as an unattractive tomboy, and two best friends who mean the world to each other but have never crossed the ultimate line to be together.  Ren is the sophisticated one of this equation, exuding sex appeal and lots of swagger.  He’s also had a rough start in life and was rescued from an early abusive relationship by his now best friend and then neighbor, Hayes Fox.  Hayes is the one that spells danger just from looking at him, and the fact he just got out of prison reinforces that image.  He’s got the muscles and the broody, dark persona to send your senses tingling.

The three of these unlikely characters worked so well together that I had no reservations in the end about them being able to work it out in the long run.  I loved the fact that Ren and Hayes have been friends for so long because the bond between was already very strong.  And the fact that Hayes also has a previous emotional bond to Cora helped me along with that as well.  Their chemistry in duos or all three together is off the charts!  Seriously combustible chemistry coming off these pages.  Be warned, you’re in for some squirming.

But I also enjoyed the fact that the pacing of their sexual relationship is slower than usual.  It takes time for this story to set up the pieces where they need to lay and I thoroughly enjoyed that.  There’s also the added element of the mystery of who is infiltrating the security at Ren and Hayes company that adds a certain edge to the story.  Although these guys are part of The Ranch, it’s not heavily mentioned or featured in this story and as usual with Ms. Loren’s story, you can pick this one up without having read the whole series.  But why would you want to miss out on the previous amazing stories?  Do yourself a favor and pick up this series!

Roni Loren is one of those few authors that can do it all, again and again.  I’m never disappointed with her books and this series is still one of my favorites.  Each book is so very different in plot, characters, level and variety of kink.  But one thing is for certain, we will explore these characters completely and learn what makes them all tick.  And I loved every minute of it in this one.  I’m ready for the next one!

Favorite quote:

“Fantasies of you always had a flavor of force.”



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  1. Roni Loren is my absolute favorite erotic writer! She never ever disappoints! And there’s so much depth and character to her stories.