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“I really liked Chloe!  And that’s the key to enjoying this book because it’s all about her story.”
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I really didn’t know what to expect going in when I started reading this.  Again Ms. Torre gives us something different and unlike other things I’ve read by her before.  And I actually really like that about her books!  I will say LOVE, CHLOE is more like a chick lit book than a standard contemporary romance. It would really make for a great romantic comedy movie!  But this feel of the book actually makes sense since this story was originally written as a serial released on

That being said, I really liked Chloe!  And that’s the key to enjoying this book because it’s all about her story.  She’s a spoiled little rich girl, living a pretty stereotypical life, until her parents are accused of embezzling a ton of money and all her family assets are seized.  She’s left sleeping in her best friend’s couch, with no money to finish paying her college tuition and having to take a job as an assistant/dog walker.

I loved how she took control of her life based on the situation she faced.  She doesn’t wallow in self pity and act entitled.  She just takes her circumstances by the balls and wants to grow and get settled.  I loved how she adapted.

Now, there is romance in this story.  But I think the author did a great job at making the romance just another part of Chloe.  I’m not sure if that makes sense, but her romantic troubles are just part of how she’s moving along her personal quest to becoming an adult standing on her own two feet.  And ultimately, I’m happy with the HEA.

All in all, a very different read than I was expecting but at the same time one that grabbed my attention and didn’t let go until I had seen how it all ended.  Can’t wait for the next book by Ms. Torre!






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