“The romance is excellent, the action and suspense is superb. But more than that, I think you’ll fall in love with Cole and Jae.”
~ Under the Covers

Well, that was impressive. In the final book to the Cole McGinnis series, Rhys Ford delivers everything a reader could want! DIRTY HEART takes what Ford has built throughout this entire series and almost amps up everything. The action, the humor, the suspense and also the romance all improved in this book. I found that I enjoyed the other books in the series but this last and final book seemed to be the best in the series. Ford really upped her game with this one.

From the opening chapter, readers are once again thrust into the action, but Ford doesn’t simply bombard you one movement after the other. It’s interspersed with plenty of Cole’s trademark personality that I think makes this book even better. I love being in his head and seeing this world through his eyes has never been more better than now. Cole is finally in a place where he can relax. But of course, nothing can be that simple for the former LAPD detective. When a man named Jeff Rollins comes back into his life, trying to dig up old graves. Now Cole is wondering what really happened to Ben and why this all seems to be happening again.

I won’t go into details because one, I was asked not to include spoilers in the review, but mostly because I think there’s more pleasure in reading the events yourself. There’s no point in reading a LGBT mystery if I spill the beans here. But I will say that Ford devises a well-thought out plot that will keep readers engaged and entertained. Over the course of the series, readers have grown to love Cole and Jae so when their happiness is threatened, I have no doubt that it will ignite a slew of reactions from readers.

If you haven’t read this series yet, what’s stopping you? The romance is excellent, the action and suspense is superb. But more than that, I think you’ll fall in love with Cole and Jae.




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