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“LICKETY SPLIT is sexually raw and emotionally gritty.”
~ Under the Covers

I always know going into a Damon Suede book that it’s going to be packed full of emotion and it’s going to be hot as hell. Even so, I was shocked by the things LICKETY SPLIT made me feel.

This is the story of Patch, a DJ and model in his early twenties going back home to the small town that he felt shunned him as a gay teenage boy. His parents are now dead and he has to deal with their farm, and their best friend who is still taking care of the property while living on it for free. Tucker Briggs made Patch’s life hell before Patch ran away from home. Both with his surly attitude and rough handling but also because Patch has always measured men against the bar that Tucker set and they always fall short.

As you can imagine, this is an enemies to lovers type story. Patch harbors a lot of old anger and emotions from his youth that he has to work through and even see things from different perspectives now years later. I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned about the age difference and the fact that Patch was a teenager when he first had a crush on Tucker. I was scared that Tucker would’ve had feelings back then and I wasn’t sure how I would’ve felt about that. Rest assured it’s all perfectly safe. 😉 Tucker is a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy. I loved the simplicity of his character. From his emotions to the way he lives. There was much to learn for Patch in all that. Patch has been a run faster kind of guy and Tucker was the perfect complement to balance his life.

The emotions hit me unexpectedly. I wasn’t prepared for how they snuck up on me at the weirdest times. This book goes into their personal emotions about where they both are in their lives and I couldn’t help but get a bit choked up about it. And about how Patch would care and consider Tucker (most times). Even at his age, there was an innocence that was endearing to watch.

And let’s not forget the chemistry, and why yes the sex! Hot damn, these two were dirty and raunchy. I loved it! I say this often I think, but there’s such a big difference in m/m sex scenes written by men than the ones written by women. And I, for one, am a big fan of the male written ones. *fans self* ’nuff said.

LICKETY SPLIT is sexually raw and emotionally gritty. It was a fun and consuming ride with these two broken men. So satisfying to see them make each other whole in the end.




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  1. Any Damon Suede book is an auto-buy for me. This one sounds good but nobody will ever top Griff!

  2. I was worried about the almost-pedophilia vibe too; that Tucker had lusted for Patch back when Patch first lusted for Tucker. Thanks for putting my mind at ease a bit.