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“LADY MIDNIGHT has lived up to my expectations.”
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LADY MIDNIGHT is the first book in the Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. A spin off from her The Mortal Instruments series, this is definitely not a book to read if you haven’t read TMI yet. This book follows the same mythology of the previous books and is even set in the same world. However, instead of NYC, this series is set in LA. Of course, this caught my attention because I love the idea of beaches and sunshine with the kind of world that Clare has made.

This series follows a new set of character who we have met in the last book of the TMI series. Some terrible things have happened to Emma Carstairs and her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn and so this series is their journey to finding happiness. As parabatai, these two are linked together like blood and bone. If one gets injured, the other feels it. It’s a sacred bond amongst Shadowhunters and is taken seriously, but the two are forbidden to fall in love with each other. And for Emma and Julian, this is a tough task.

Emma is quite the feisty heroine. She’s always cracking jokes, trying to be witty. It’s refreshing, coming from a woman because we don’t normally see Clare’s heroines like that very much. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Julian is as cautious as they come. As the guardian to his brothers and sisters, he kind of has to be.

Speaking of brothers, Mark Blackthorn, Julian’s older brother has quickly become the most interesting character in the series. He was taken by the Wild Hunt in the last book and no one ever thought they would see him again. He’s an interesting character, both alluring and menacing at the same time. Clare does something VERY interesting with him.

Christine is a new character and I wondered at first what Clare plans to do with her. While we get parts of the story between her and Diego, I can only assume that we’ll get more details about her along the way. While I didn’t care for her at first, I am now very interested to see what lies in her past. And also, her future.

With so many books already set in this world, I know many readers were wondering if Clare could deliver a story that hasn’t been done yet but I truly feel that she has come up with something just as alluring and fascinating as the first book in the TMI series. And if you’re a Romance fan like me, you’ll definitely be happy with the progress Clare has made with just one book.

LADY MIDNIGHT has lived up to my expectations. I can’t wait to see what Clare has in store for her characters next.spacer



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