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“…it is a cozy mystery that offers you humour (I loved Mia’s kooky family), a hint of romance and a slight taste of mystery.”
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Mia Connors is thrown in to the deep end when she discovers one of her best friends body, dead at her work desk. The number one suspect for his murder? Her. Determined to find out who is behind the murder and the mysterious goings on at her workplace Mia starts to investigate. All with the questionable aid of Jake, the new head of security who can’t seem to decide whether she is a murderess or not.

I read this as part of my 2016 quest to read more books in the mystery genre that don’t focus so much on romance, I am so glad I have decided to branch out a little, as I really enjoyed this book. It did have a hint of romance, I can’t go cold turkey on the romance front I needed a little hit of it, but it in no way was focused on this or have a HEA. What drove this book was Mia’s dogged investigation of one of her best friend’s murder, especially as the police have her as the prime suspect.

What I can’t resist in a book is an odd ball heroine and Mia definitely fits that description; she is an IT expert with her own sense of style and adorable socially awkward, I couldn’t help but really like her. And although the book is about solving the mystery we do this all through Mia’s eyes, and I loved being in her brain for the duration of A Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder. It is also why I liked this book so much, honestly the mystery isn’t all the mysterious and I guessed early on whodunit, but I still didn’t mind following Mia round as I couldn’t wait to see what she would think or do next.

Despite the fact that Mia is investigating her best friend’s death, this isn’t a particularly emotional book, it is a cozy mystery that offers you humour (I loved Mia’s kooky family), a hint of romance and a slight taste of mystery. This is a series I definitely plan on continuing, I can’t wait to see what hijinks Mia gets involved in next. spacer



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