“JOCKBLOCKED felt like the stereotypical college romance.”
~ Under the Covers

I started this series last year and I had no rush to go back to it because the first installment was just a little bland.  But I’ve promised myself to make my way through these books so I picked up book 2.  JOCKBLOCKED felt like the stereotypical college romance.  Some sports and a lot of assumptions and stereotypes.  Surprisingly low on angst I thought.

Lucy and Matty are polar opposites.  He’s the linebacker manwhore, and she’s the play it safe bookworm.  She’s also the childhood best friend of one of Matty’s teammates, but we’ll come back to that.  Honestly, there was something about Matty that I found endearing.  I think he was probably the reason I kept reading this book.  He’s not perfect by any stretch but he was always learning and evolving.  I enjoyed seeing him learn to navigate the waters of a real relationship and his emotions.

Lucy was the tough nut to crack for me.  I never really got to care for her.  She’s got a lot of insecurities and her evolving took quite a bit of time.  While realistic, that’s not my favorite thing to read about and it started to get annoying after a while.  I found it interesting that the author included the fact that Lucy is diabetic.  She didn’t just mention it in passing but gave us a good understanding of how that affects her daily life.

Back to the childhood friend.  I wasn’t a big fan of how this is addressed towards the end-ish of the book.  Unnecessary drama.  There was already a conflict with everything going on with the team and Lucy’s assumptions about the Matty and Ace situation.  Honestly, I don’t know how Ace can come back from this behavior in my eyes.

JOCKBLOCKED was sexy and sweet, but overall I think it lacked connection and depth for me.  Though I like the sense of found family with this team and I want to explore more (especially some key players) so I’ll definitely be continuing the series.  Again, not in any rush.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Unnecessary drama is just that unnecessary and is a major turn-off.

  2. I think a good distance between reads helps this type of book, but I don’t have much patience for youthful insecurities, either so I’ll keep that in mind if I pick this series up. Glad Matty was so endearing.