Review: Demon Night by M.J. Haag

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Review: Demon Night by M.J. Haag
Demon Night
Book Info

Released: March 5th 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Resurrection Chronicles #6
Pages: 243

” If you want a paranormal romance which is full of humour, survival and heroes that have you day dreaming about the apocalypse then you need to give this book a try. ”
~ Under the Covers

Am I capable of being objective in my review of this series anymore? Honest answer: probably not. I just love it too much. It contains all the tropes in the exact right combination that give it a direct first class ride to my happy place. More succinctly put; I love it and want it’s babies. Or more accurately I want the world to end by evil hell hounds who turn people into zombies so that I can be rescued and adored by a big grey Fey warrior. The feminist within me is banging her head against a big grey wall of muscle (and coping a feel).

And, I admit it is the delicious heroes combined with it feeling like the paranormal romance version of the Walking Dead – one of my favourite TV series – that has me adoring these books. The heroes in this series have the innocent savage vibe going on, which is a character type that has me insta-loving all heroes. The fey are fierce and powerful warriors but until recently they lived in an all male society and women/sex is a very recent discovery for them. Much to their delight. Haag manages to make them ‘innocently’ lustful. They want nothing more than to find a woman and worship her in all ways and they aren’t shy about asking how to do it, which is a great source of both humour and indecent levels of adorable. How Haag makes them both so lusty and so non-threatening (unless you’re a zombie or a hellhound) is genius.

But, it isn’t just the heroes that I love about this series, and Demon Night in particular is a great demonstration of what I find so enticing. The on-going battle to survive the ever evolving zombies and the relentless hellhounds keeps the pace of the story going, not just on an individual book level, but a series level as well. The mortal peril of being attacked looms over everyone, but as the series goes on there is also the more basic things like finding food and a safe place to shelter. This was an issue that was explored really well in Demon Night; never have I been so tense about canned food.

This was a great book in this series, I read it in one sitting and now I am eagerly anticipating the next book. If you want a paranormal romance which is full of humour, survival and heroes that have you day dreaming about the apocalypse then you need to give this book a try. spacer

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