“…none of these novellas really made much of an impression on me.”
~ Under the Covers

In the Mood Fur Love is a paranormal romance anthology containing 3 sexy novellas that feature shifter heroes. Apart from Eve Langlais, I hadn’t read anything by the other 2 authors – Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter – so I was looking forward to getting a taster of their writing. Unfortunately, although I do love a shifter paranormal romance, none of these novellas really made much of an impression on me.

Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais – 3 Stars

After being held captive Becka finally manages to escape and ends up getting help from a kind eyed, and extremely hot stranger. Stavros knows he will help the scared and bruised up woman, not only because it is the right thing to do, and his family would kill him if he abandoned her, but because the little human is his mate.

The first book in the anthology is Bearing his Touch by Eve Langlais and was my favourite of the novellas. Although it glosses over the trauma of being held captive and beaten for over month, it still somehow manages to be fun. I enjoyed that Langlais gave Stavros such a great sense of humour and the romance between him and Becka was cute.

Fake Mated to a Wolf by Milly Taiden – 2 Stars

This is my first book my Milly Taiden, although I do see her dating agency series pop up in my recommendations occasionally. After reading Fake Mated to a Wolf though I am not sure I would pick up this series. It didn’t connect with me at all, I found the story a bit boring and romance lacklustre.

The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress by Kate Baxter – 2 Stars

This was another author I hadn’t read before and was looking forward to trying but found disappointing. Maybe it is the nature of the novella, it is after all meant to be short, but this surface level skim of a romance just didn’t pull me in. It wasn’t that I disliked a particular thing about the characters or the story, I just found that it didn’t draw me in. At all.

With anthologies, especially if they are populated by authors you haven’t read, you always take a risk. Sometimes its pays off and you find a new author or series to get in to, sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, in this case the risk didn’t pay off.


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  1. I’ve tried 2 books by Milly Taiden and didn’t enjoy either of them. Unfortunately, my experience with anthologies hasn’t paid off as much as I would like.