“It was cute but as we Brits like to say…not my cup of tea. ”
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I read this book as part of my trying-new-authors adventure, it isn’t the kind of book I would normally be drawn to, but you don’t know if you don’t try right? Well I tried and although this book was okay, I am not in a rush to read more books by Debbie Macomber. It was cute but as we Brits like to say…not my cup of tea.

When thinking about this book, I was struck by the first thing that occurred to me and I believe contributed to why I was unimpressed with it. There was no sex, not even a hint or a fade to black. This surprises me because I hate books that are just sex and you have to read through endless scenes of it I get really bored, but I do like their to be some heat which culminates to something within my romance. When I thought more about why the no sex thing bothered me I realised it’s because without this build up of heat and tension the main characters relationship came off as a budding friendship rather than a budding romance. They had no chemistry, none of the omphf that makes you think that the couple are made for one another, they just feel into platonic like which the author told us was their romantic relationship.

I also found the heroine to be too naive, I don’t mind a sweet and innocent character but she was naive to the extent that she actually hurt the people around her. It made me wonder what the hell was wrong with her and why she would be so idiotic and once you start thinking that about a character it’s hard to claw that back.

This book was okay, sweet and cute in parts but I won’t be reading any of the other books in this series, Macomber’s style isn’t something that suits me.



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  1. I have read a ton of her books, but the last few were getting on my nerves, so I DNF’d. I get what you mean. The one I read that had an attempted sex scene was really uncomfortable, so I guess that isn’t her style.