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“Intense and gripping. HOLD ME CLOSE is a beautiful and deep love story, compelling and consuming.”
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Megan Hart has a way of telling a story that draws you in from the start.  HOLD ME CLOSE is another great example of that.  The story of two people who were kidnapped while kids by a sick man and kept captive in his basement for three years, the deep connection they share, and how time may not have healed all their wounds.

I will point out that if you have a trigger about stories with kids being kidnapped, this may be uncomfortable.  However, just know that this is not the main focus of the story and there is no sexual abuse.

We see Effie and Heath then and now, but always from Effie’s POV.  During their captivity and how their relationship unfolded after.  The strong bond between them was vital, it just poured through the pages and made me yearn for a happy ending for them both.   Effie hasn’t had it particularly easy.  There is much she has to overcome that has happened to her, and I really felt the way the author went about helping her find that healing was perfect.  Necessary even.  Effie is the one that struggles with her feelings for Heath because to her it can’t be healthy to be in a relationship with a man that reminds her of that dark time in her past.  Heath on the other hand is very clear she is his one true love and always will be.  But it may prove more than he can handle to wait for her to realize it.  And when these two get together?  Lets just say if you like your sex a bit rougher and unapologetic, then this will push all your buttons!

Intense and gripping. HOLD ME CLOSE is a beautiful and deep love story, compelling and consuming.  It’s been a while since I’ve read a book in one sitting and THIS was it.

Favorite quotes:


“There is no forever for me without you.”

“Haunt me,” he whispered.  “Make me crazy for the rest of my life.  But please, Effie.  Don’t leave me.  Just let me love you.”



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