“It wasn’t good or bad it was just plain ol’ boring.”
~ Under the Covers

I was completely lured in by the cover and the premise of the story.  I had never read author Nicole Jacquelyn before and I decided going into this one without reading the previous two.  First things, this works perfect as a standalone I was not lost at all in the dynamics of the family or anything.  So that was a plus.  But ultimately, this book didn’t endear itself to me.  It wasn’t good or bad it was just plain ol’ boring.

HEART OF GLASS is the story of Morgan who has always been a single mother after her “not quite boyfriend” got her pregnant and didn’t really want to be a father.  He never told his family about the baby but left a life insurance policy in her name just in case.  Worst case scenario happened and he was killed and now Henry’s family wants to get to know that last little pieces of Henry left in the world.

I thought this would be an interesting and emotional journey because there are a lot of heavy issues to deal with.  Instead it was all a bit lackluster.  The development of the romantic relationship was slow burn at the same time boring.  I didn’t really buy into the romance and then all of a sudden things got physical.  Let me tell you, it’s been a while since I’ve been shocked by a couple having sex for the first time but it just felt so off here that I couldn’t help but think the author had a checklist saying sex for the first time in chapter whatever it was and she had to fit it in.

On another note, I also found the grief for someone dying was not really talked about much.  I thought this could’ve been explored better and from a lot of different angles.

I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this series, nor reading back to the others.  It’s a shame for me because it’s all about a family that fostered a lot of children and they grew up very close so I thought the concept was interesting.  But I didn’t really care enough for the rest of the family either to want to see their HEAs.




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  1. Too bad,boring reads are the worst. Ty for your review Francesca! Shared on all my socials!!