“HAWKE is a pretty fast, sweet and just adorable read.”
~ Under the Covers

I normally don’t skip ahead in a series and read out of order, but sadly I am not current on this one and… look at that hot cover!  Couldn’t say no to him.  And I’m so glad I didn’t!

HAWKE is a pretty fast, sweet and just adorable read.  I literally started this up one afternoon and by that night it was done and I was looking around like how did that happened?  The pacing is great and keeps you engaged from the beginning and it’s also one of my favorite things.  A second chance romance.  In this case, Hawke and Vale dated and were “soulmates” when they were young.  Until she broke things off with him right before he left to pursue his hockey career in college.  He never got a reason why.  Now he’s come to play for Cold Fury and Vale got a position working for the team.  There’s a lot of resentment on both sides to get over, and plenty of misunderstandings that need to be cleared up.  But I really enjoyed going on that journey with them.

Hawke and Vale have both moved on with their lives but from the moment life puts throws them back together there’s an electric current in the air and you just know that they’ve always been IT for the other.  I loved that about them.  Great chemistry!  But also I really liked that this book doesn’t have them jump back into a physical relationship right away.  There’s more to them than just that and Hawke especially proves that wanting to be there for Vale with the issues she has going on.  I adored him for it.

I am both looking forward to reading what’s next for this series and also to hurry up and catch up reading the rest I’ve missed.  Sexy men and all the hockey testosterone.  You really can’t go wrong with that!

Favorite Quote:

“I’ve always loved you. Even when I thought I hated you, I always loved you.”




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  1. I’m really enjoying it so far. The other books are great and I’m glad that I discovered Ms. Bennett last year. I’ve got the Sugar Bowl books on my release watch list. Enjoy!