“While I enjoy Clare’s style of writing, this book didn’t quite meet my expectations.”
~ Under the Covers

HARD EDGE is book four in the Cobra Elite series by Pamela Clare. I’ve enjoyed Clare’s books in the past, but this new series is still warming up to me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the characters or if it’s because I’ve read more Romantic Suspense since I’ve read Clare’s I-team series, but I don’t feel like these books hit as hard as her other books have for me.

This book features Gabriela Marquez who is working undercover as sister Maria, a Franciscan nun. When she is taken as a hostage, that’s when the real action begins. Honestly, I never really warmed up to the heroine that much in this book. I’m really not sure why since she is obviously strong and intelligent, but something about her personality didn’t click with me. As a result, I couldn’t sympathize with her emotions as well as I have with past Clare heroines.

The same can be said for the hero, Dylan. Although he had all the aspects of a great hero there, something felt like it was missing from this book. It was missing a spark. So while I enjoyed the attention to detail, I wished that the romance was more focused on because I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot more.

While I enjoy Clare’s style of writing, this book didn’t quite meet my expectations. However, I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series.


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