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“HAPPY-GO-LUCKY was impossible to put down and I read it almost in one sitting.”
~ Under the Covers

You’re probably tired of hearing this from me by now but L.H. Cosway writes the best heroines.  And Maisie was no exception.  As the title of this book suggest she’s a happy-go-lucky gal but she’s also the one that bends over backwards to do things for other people and often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.  That is her role at her office where she’s working on research for private investigators.  And one in particular is more grumpy than the rest.  Cameron is feared for his bite in the office and he dishes out his opinions without a care for how he can make others feel.  That is exactly how their night interacting together at the office Christmas party starts, but it ends back at his place tangled in the sheets.

First things first I’ll go back to the heroine because I really enjoyed seeing Maisie come out of her shell and take a stand for herself among her co-workers and her own nature.  But I really enjoyed how the one person that should’ve intimidated her the most was the one she felt like she could be herself with.  The chemistry between Maisie and Cameron was off the charts adorable and it made this office slow burn romance all the more addictive.  I really didn’t want to put it down.  Add in to that there’s a small element of mystery as they are working at a PI firm and have cases to solve, and I was completely sold.

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY was impossible to put down and I read it almost in one sitting.  This is definitely a character driven story but they are so lovable you can’t help but be left with a smile on your face.



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