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I loved all the action, suspense, and the banter between the characters. Geissinger’s storytelling is never dull.” ~ Under the Covers

This book picks up right after the last installment when Eva turns herself over to her mobster ex-lover to keep Naz safe. With a few turns of events, Eva ended up kidnapped instead. Yes, the plot thickens. Of course, with the help of Naz’s friends, they can locate her and initiate a rescue. As if Naz was going to let or go just like that. Silly girl.  

Unfortunately, getting Eva back will not be that easy. Turns out, the situation with Eva’s Ex is more complicated than they thought. I love the introduction of this discovery as well as an introduction to a new character. Let me tell you, Killian knocked me off my feet and I’m sure he couldn’t help it, but his character was fighting lead position in this book. Okay, fighting for a place in Eva’s heart too.   This guy is gem. 

Don’t get me wrong, Eva and Naz still took the front page. I love their dedication to each other no matter the cost. It was really sweet. There was a tug and war of alpha male vs. I-am-woman-you-can’t-control-me situations, but the story tells you the reasons for it all.  

You do see other characters from this series and it’s lovely to get more of their HEA. They add a whole lot of dimensions to the story. The verbal duel between Killian and Naz had me laughing out loud. Killian knew exactly how to get under Naz’s skin and it was all entertaining to witness. I’m pretty sure fans of this series will be requesting for more Killian page time. Perhaps, even his own books.  

I loved all the action, suspense, and the banter between the characters. Gessinger’s storytelling is never dull. I recommend this series to light romantic suspense fans.


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