star-trek-2-into-darkness-posterStar Trek: Into Darkness 
Dir: J. J. Abrams
May 17, 2013







I went to the midnight showing of Star Trek Into Darkness I know, I can practically hear the raised brows and derisive snorts from here, but it was totally worth the two days of total exhaustion from too little sleep and far too much work. I. Love. It. I mean, I fail to see what there isn’t to love about Star Trek, it has such a bad rep! Yet it has people shooting at each other and blowing shit up; it has some pretty awesome looking aliens; it has humour and from a purely female perspective some hot dudes in uniform…need I say more?

As you can see I am a massive fan already so I admit my opinion is slightly bias about this film, but if you take away the stigma of Star Trek, what you are left with is a really good sci fi action film, with themes of friendship and some great character growth. I think the star of the show for me was Benedict Cumberbatch (OMG what an awesome name!) who plays the bad guy and who those of you from the UK may recognise as Sherlock Holmes from the BBC series Sherlock. Although I may have a massive crush on him, it wasn’t just his hotness that made me think he stood out in this film, his blend of arrogance, intensity and ruthlessness was striking and made it believable that this man was lethal enough to take down the whole of Star Fleet if he just put his mind to it. Plus, he really is HOT.

Right, I am going to stop waffling, if you are into good actions, choc full of great graphics, bug explosions and some great acting don’t let the fact that this is Star Trek put you off, it was a fantastic film and I really hope I don’t have to wait as long as last time to see the next one.

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  1. I hate you! JK! No, I’m just really, really jealous right now. Before my obsession with Star Wars in my tweens (yes, I saw Star Wars in 1977 with my dad and younger brother), there was Star Trek. My parents loved that show so when it came on television we watched it.

    I’ve seen every spin off and I have my favorite but the original crew is still the best. When they announced the cast for the reboot, I was beyond pleased and the first movie blew me away! I instantly fell more in love with Chris Pine and he’s the perfect younger Kirk.

    I have to wait to see this movie until the following weekend and I’m bummed about it.

    I am glad that you loved it. 🙂

    Marika Weber

  2. I am a fan of Star Trek and I can’t wait for this installment to the latest set of Trek. Glad it was awesome.