Today we have debut author, Tigris Eden with us today! She will be talking about her experience from being a blogger/reviewer to author (or in this case, in reverse). Check out what she has to say!

The journey is actually in reverse. I’ve two other published works under a different pen name. One was a poem that I penned in 2006 called I shall Never. Published in a compilation called Timeless Voices, it was such a dark and depressing time for me. But for whatever reason I went ahead and submitted it. I have two other poems as well I feel You and Hope. The other book was about being Pregnant at 15. It was a horrible attempt at writing and I didn’t give it the attention or the love it deserved. Someday I will go back to that book and make it shinny! I was such a busy bee back then and hadn’t even started blogging until 2009. I have always been a writer first, but blogging was something that I enjoyed doing so I said to myself I could do this. Just another project for me to work on. I love projects, get involved in many and I swear if I was some gazillionaire heiress I would head up like a gazillion charities. I am that busy.

Blogging is fun an amazing and sparkly! I love all the different venues and beautiful time that goes into them. I’m a wordy person ask anyone! And because reading is my other favorite thing to do I decided reviewing wasn’t such a bad idea. So that’s how it all started. I don’t review anymore as I am now consumed with the series I am working on and other projects related to writing. But, I do have Eight Brilliant ladies that saved my blog! They review all the time and will continue to do so. Well, I’m hoping they will, I’ve been blessed with a fantastic team of wonderful women! Who all love reading and reviewing!

I still blog, but mostly about characters in my head or writing related material. Still promote my fellow authors and such. It’s fun and I love it! So stop by TE Garden of Books Blog and show the ladies some love! Thanks you for having me on your blog!



P.S Starting June 18th 50% of all sales of Enslaved In Shadows will go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence!

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Tigris is graciously giving away one digital copy of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS.

A man’s Past leads to his Future……

Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit’s job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind.

When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can’t help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his responsibilities in the future. But his decision has been made.

The Heart of a woman is Tested……..

Jes can’t let the tall dark agent back into her life. How can she trust any man after what she’s endured. Years of abuse have broken her down and she doesn’t have room for more. The man she turns to for help hasn’t abused her physically but he’s tormented her emotionally. A past betrayal left her scarred, but also brought her life.

Can she accept him into her heart and trust him again?

One will survive and adapt, the other will realize hearts can be mended even if it’s a bit too late.

The road to forgiveness sometimes only brings more pain. Unexpected events set their lives on two separate tracks leading to one outcome. Lives will be changed and an emotional battle to save their souls will leave them both trapped and enslaved in their need for one another

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  1. Congrats on the new release! It’s always fun to read about a debut author’s “journey” to publication 😉

    Thanks for the post and giveaway!

    gfc: erin

  2. After reading a few reviews, I think I’ve already fallen in love with these characters. This novel sounds pretty intense. Well dome Tigris!

  3. WOW! Congrats on your debut!! What a wonderful accomplishment!! I love reading the stories of an author’s journey to being published. It is truly amazing.
    Wishes for great success.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  4. Congrats on your debut release! I LOVED the book blurb and can’t wait to read MORE…FAB cover too, btw! Thx for this giveaway op! 🙂

    barbbattaglia @

  5. Congratulations on your release! Don’t enter me in the giveaway, I’ve alread bought the book and can’t wait to read it!

  6. Good post on your experience in blogging…it can be great fun but really does require a huge amount of time – it’s a total time suck…lol…Congratulations on your new release today Tigris!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  7. Thanks for sharing on how you became a blogger. It’s great that you donating to a great cause. Congrats on your release!!
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  8. Congrats on the new release!
    This one sounds great, i want try to read it. Maybe i will like it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 😀

    filiafantasy at gmail dot com
    GFC as Filia Oktarina

  9. Thanks guys! For all the well wishes! Trying to keep up with comments but between packing and work I’m surprised I am still a functioning human being! Thanks again! And good luck!