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If you are looking for a sweet and endearing book to read with a side of sexy then you have to read DIRTY LETTERS by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward.  It has their signature writing style which makes their stories addictive, their characters relatable and has you rooting the whole time to seem them work things out.  This one was low on angst in my opinion which worked really well for this story and it’s a childhood penpals love story.  SO CUTE!

The hero is from the UK and the heroine is from the US.  They started corresponding via mail due to a school project and just liked each other enough that they kept writing throughout the years.  From little kids through their teenage years, that friendship developed through letters and feelings started to come out.  They knew each other better than anyone else.  But tragedy struck and Luca stopped communicating. Now, many years later, she’s decided to finally go to her father’s NYC apartment to clear it since he passed away a while ago and finds one final letter from her penpal and decides to write back.

There’s something innocent about the fact that their feelings for each other grew so intense from simple correspondence, never meeting in person.  Seeing them re-establish that connection now that they are at different stages of their lives and dealing with their own issues was just perfect.  This book also tackles mental health and, without going into details or being spoilery, it does play a factor in the relationship between these characters.  Both from the point of them getting together, but long term in how their relationship will work.

I really appreciated how this author duo handled the story.  It never felt like it had slow parts, just kept you wanting to read more.  I highly recommend you give it a try.


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  1. I’m not a big contemporary romance reader but I have read a few of their stories and enjoyed them so I’m looking forward to this.