“Every page was addictive, from beginning to end, even if it wasn’t perfect.”
~ Under the Covers

This comes as no surprise since I’m always talking about Whitney G., but I was extremely excited when I saw she had a new release.  And an office and second chance romance!  I think she excels at writing these types of stories and I couldn’t wait to get my greedy paws on this one.  Honestly, Whitney G. didn’t disappoint.  NEVER GOT OVER YOU is a book you’ll gobble up in one sitting.  Every page was addictive, from beginning to end, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Kate comes from a rich and very controlling family.  When she met James, he was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.  They had a whirlwind romance and she was ready to throw everything away for him.  Then he went away and she married someone else.  Now they are face to face for the first time in nine and a half years and they’re completely different people.  Life has changed them and they have to figure out how they can fit together again and overcome the hurt from the past.

James/Sean is an over the top type of character.  His emotions and actions may come across as immature and childish at times and probably that’s not how you can expect someone to act in real life.  But something about him, as I was reading, felt really entertaining.  Even when he was being jerkish.  Kate was a tougher nut to crack for me because I wasn’t sure where she was coming from or how I could reconcile what we know of her actions with her situation.  While both of these characters worked well together, they may not be quite as memorable as some of this author’s other iconic characters.  But the writing here is the winner.  Whitney G. always writes entertaining books and I was entertained.

All that being said, there were also a few things that I would’ve liked to see done differently.  First, a lot of the issues between these two came from miscommunication in some way.  This I would’ve liked to have seen done in some other way.  And second, the ending.  It was all a bit rushed and I think some loose ends were left hanging.  Maybe it could’ve used one more chapter to tidy things a little better in my opinion.

As always, though, I’m left waiting for the next novel from this author.  One thing is always certain, they’ll be a good time.



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