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“…this book was exactly the drama-filled, juicy story that I was anticipating.”
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The final installment in the Bourbon Kings trilogy is finally here.  I cracked this open with anticipation because I was anxious to find out how it would all end.  Hopeful it would have a happy ending.  And I’m please to say DEVIL’S CUT delivered on everything I was hoping this book would be and then more.

I didn’t breeze through this read because I wanted to savor it but it was so entertaining.  There’s no dull moment and the pacing is so great that you’re always engaged.  With several POVs, this book closes out all the lose ends on this series and finalizes everyone’s HEA.  We started Lanes’ and Edwards’ in the previous books and we are here to make sure those will stick.  But what I was really looking forward to reading about was Gin and Samuel T.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a fascination with the spoiled little brat since the first book and my heart went out to her in the second book.  I wanted something good to come to her after all that, while I also wanted her to grow up and show that’s she’s learned from all her mistakes.  Every bit of her storyline in this book had me glued to the pages, even holding my breath at some parts.  It was grand and over the top and I loved every second.  Her story with Samuel T. is perfect for them and I’m completely satisfied with it.

While that was my main focus with this book, I also wanted to find out the truth about who killed William Baldwine.  Suspicions have flown around in this series, and there’s even someone behind bars.  But who really did it?  Oftentimes with mysteries and whodunnoits, I tend to figure things out pretty quick because there’s usually one logical way to go about doing it that would make it shocking.  But this book had so many revelations that I didn’t see coming towards the end that I was even a bit speechless.  So cudos to Ms. Ward for that.  I really was taken by surprise.  While there are some sad moments, there’s also a sense of happiness and closure that wraps up this series so well.

My only complaint with this book is that there is one HEA that is left a bit half-assed and maybe not addressed.  I was hoping that could’ve had just a little more page time so it’s not just a “maybe something will happen” in the end.  But I get there were other things to focus on.

Overall, this book was exactly the drama-filled, juicy story that I was anticipating.  For sure one that I highly recommend you check out this summer and a series that is bound to entertain with great flare.





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