“…it felt like a conspiracy noir film set in a very near future.”
~ Under the Covers

Carina is trying to escape the horrors of her rewired brain after being experimented on against her will and without her knowledge. Carina’s brain, which was used to be calm and unfeeling is now filled with murderous intent, with every day a battle against the urge to kill those around her. The only thing that seems to help her? A drug called Zeal. Now an addict on the brink of death she is given one last chance to get back at those that destroyed her mind. Her former employers.

I decided to take a chance on something completely different with Shattered Minds. Laura Lam is a new author for me, but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this cyberpunk thriller. Although the book didn’t immediately draw me in and it took a few chapters before I found myself invested, it was a chance I am glad I took. I enjoyed the world that Lam created, we wade into the gritty side of this almost Utopian society, where it seems as though you can get your brain and your body rewritten as easily as you change your hair colour.

With most books, it isn’t the story that will keep me hooked, although it helps; however, if there is a set of characters I love, despite the flimsiness of the plot, the chances are I will like it. Unusually with Shattered Minds I found the opposite. Although I liked the characters well enough, they weren’t that well realised and it seemed to only Carina whose personality went more than skin deep. For me, it was the story and the world that kept me reading. I wanted to know what was going to happen, what were the bad guys up to? Would they be able to stop them once they found out? Anything else, including the romance seemed a little peripheral.

However, the action was great and I loved the whole atmosphere, it felt like a conspiracy noir film set in a very near future. It was suitably dramatic and mysterious. I am really glad I gave this book a chance and I recommend it if you fancy something a little different. I am definitely planning on picking up any further books in this series.



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