“If you liked Devon Monk’s Ordinary Magic series, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

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Whenever I see that Kelley Armstrong has a new book out I get super excited. And even more when it’s a paranormal book of any kind. I fell in love with Kelley’s adult urban fantasies and I will always read a new one from her.

CURSED LUCK was released as a serial I believe last year and I was holding out until the actual ebook or audio would come out (both out now).  Now is the time. This is the first in what seems will be an urban fantasy series and something a bit different than what I’ve come to expect from her. I guess it felt like a mix between the Women of the Otherworld and Cainsville series. There’s a small town vibe to this supernatural story that I usually quite like in my UF, but it was perfectly balanced with other elements that hint at a more intense UF (kidnappings, art heists, thieves, and Greek Gods!) 

Kennedy is our main protagonist and she’s a curse weaver, coming from a long family line of them. Aiden, whom I’ll call the hero, comes from a wealthy family of luck workers. He’s got his sights on obtaining the Necklace of Harmonia, one of the most cursed objects and will need Kennedy’s help to break the objects’ curse.  But things are never simple. He’s not the only one after the object and there’s more to the necklace than a simple curse. 

The concept of this book was excellent and I also really loved how the luck workers actually work. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before and it was very interesting. The plot has a steady pace although it was never a fast one, which again gives me the small town vibes. Even at times when things are dire and dicey it felt laid back. 

Both main characters have growth ahead of them. I certainly connected with Kennedy a bit more but I loved seeing her relationship with Aiden have an impact on his personality. The romance element was small for me on this one even though it looms in the background. I don’t think enough was done to sell that part of the story to me but I’m certainly hopeful to see where they go from here. 

And one of my favorite elements of this story was how mythology was included seamlessly into the plot in such a cool and interesting way.

If you liked Devon Monk’s Ordinary Magic series, I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s a series that certainly has a lot of potential and I’m extremely curious to find out more about it.

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  1. Loved Devon Monk’s books.
    This sounds like an interesting book and ill be on the lookout for it.
    Great review! Thanks