“I am still a sucker for a Holiday read and I did enjoy this story.”
~ Under the Covers

In the fourth book of the Heartbreaker Bay series, Jill Shalvis turns back to the trope and theme that I think she is most comfortable with. The heroine, Colbie Albright, is a little down on her luck. In an effort to change her life, she flees New York for San Francisco on a whim. She hasn’t really planned on what she is going to do there but she naturally finds herself in a strange situation within the arms of a stranger.

Spence follows a lot of Shalvis’ heroines so I feel like if you have enjoyed the other books in this series, then you’ll enjoy him as well. I liked him, but I don’t think I fell hell over heels in love just because he was a really safe choice. I was hoping to see something different from Shalvis this time around. Just like her heroines, the authors tends to keep within her comfortable parameters when it comes to characterization. And after reading every single one of Shalvis’ books already, I am looking forward for her to mix it up a little bit.

Nevertheless, I am still a sucker for a Holiday read and I did enjoy this story. It’s nice to get a longer story from Shalvis that is Christmas themed because most of her themed stories tend to be novellas. I liked that we got to explore more of the traditions and experience the charm for a little longer.




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  1. I actually love Jill Shalvis’s usual characterizations. I never seem to get sick of them. I loved this one. It’s probably my favorite in the whole series. Elle annoyed the heck out of my though.

    1. I like them too, but I do think it’s important to mix things up in a series. Since I’ve read all of her books, it’s very easy for me to know what’s going to happen before it does, so a little variety would be nice to see in future books.

  2. I love Jill’s books. It may seem the results are always the same, but the journey varies! Thanks for the review!