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“These two had sizzling chemistry in spades.”
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What a nice surprise this read was.  I mean, I already knew I most likely would enjoy it because … it’s Roni Loren!  But I wasn’t quite sold on the main characters.  The hero is a therapeutic sex surrogate, and while that’s not being an escort, the pesky side of me wasn’t sure how any heroine would be ok with a hero that has this profession.  But I loved Lane from the first book, loved his personality and couldn’t wait to explore more of his sexiness.

The heroine, Elle, we sort of came to hate in the first book.  She’s a hard woman and I really wanted to dig into her head and find out what was making her tick.  She’s strong and successful.  Very driven.  And making her be the one to be ok with the hero’s profession just made for an interesting mix.

I always go into a Roni Loren book trusting the process.  There’s an ease to the development of the relationship and the ways that Lane breaks through Elle’s barriers that I absolutely loved.  The dynamic of seeing her be so in control and in charge of her life but giving in to someone that at first she saw as beneath her was a lot fun.  These two had sizzling chemistry in spades.  I may go as far as saying that as far as the characters went, this was better than the first one.

While this is erotic romance, and it’s still signature Loren hot, I didn’t think it was quite as hot as the first one.  But things definitely made sense for these two characters so I never felt as if anything was missing.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes.  There’s definitely a few people that I would love to see more of, including a certain patient rock star with a ton of issues to deal with.




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