“I think this falls in the light and fluffy side of a read and not extremely geeky.”
~ Under the Covers

The cover made me do it!  And then after that initial draw, I just couldn’t resist a geeky male/male story set in Tasmania!  I mean… Catnip, I tell you!  So this is my first time reading N.R. Walker and I have to say there was an ease to this story.  I think this falls in the light and fluffy side of a read and not extremely geeky.

Jack Brighton is the local Parks and Wildlife officer in a small town.  He doesn’t have a lot of dating chances at home so he often just hooks up when visiting the big city.  But he’s finding that he wants something more and struggling to find the right person.  Butterfly expert Lawson falls right in his lap when he comes to town to research a mysterious and elusive butterfly species that is only rumored to exist.  From there… it’s a bit of an insta-love.  I wanted to have a little more development on the characters and their connection.  Although I do think they have great chemistry, I found myself wondering at times if the whole thing was just because it was the convenient thing for Jack being that he really doesn’t have much of a dating pool around.

Individually, I found them both cute and the story is light and a little sexy.  I will probably pick up the next one to see how this story ends, as their journey continues in book two even though they got together in this one.




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