“I think fans of RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE will like this book.”
~ Under the Covers

I always seem to be the odd one out with popular books.  BOYFRIEND MATERIAL has been getting raving reviews and I think a lot of that is deserved.  But for my taste, it didn’t quite hit it out of the park. One of the main characters is especially unlikeable for a decent part of this book.

Still, I think this book fits perfectly in with the reading mood for the Summer and you should consider putting it on your reading lists. A bit of humor, a bit of enemies and British flare. It’s an opposites attract, fake relationship romcom that is light-hearted and fluffy for the most part but does showcase some deeper issues as well. ⁠

Humor is a thing that is subjective and while I know many people found this book hilarious, for me it was a bit of a struggle in that regard. Some moments were funny but overall I didn’t get the “comedy” sense from it.  But even though it wasn’t the funniest for me, it was entertaining.⁠

I think fans of RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE will like this book. And if you didn’t like that because of the inclusion of some politics, then this will be the perfect one to try instead. I personally like Casey McQuiston’s book more than this one still, but I can see the correlation and how they both can leave you with the same warm fuzzy feelings in the end about the HEA. But be warned, don’t read them back to back! ;)⁠




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  1. LOL, I was the opposite. I preferred Boyfriend Material to Red White and Blue, but yes, our hero was rather tough to get behind for a long time in this one.

  2. I tend to have a similar reaction to books that have been reviewed as hilarious. Also, having a character who isn’t always likeable takes away from intended humor.