“The humor was still there, so if you want a fun distraction then give this a go!”
~ Under the Covers

Let me start this by saying I’m a fan of this series because it’s the right kind of fun and light paranormal romance that I used to love reading about.  This particular book though, was probably my least favorite in the series.  That’s not to say it wasn’t entertaining to read, but I did find myself a bit uninterested and skimming parts of it.

The premise of the story with 2 girls traveling to Venice to spend a month going through the antiques in an apartment so they can try and sell them and instead finding a coffin with a 600 year old sleeping vampire was a lot of fun.  As a matter of fact, when I started this book I thought I would definitely be enjoying it a lot!

But I think for me the characters didn’t quite get me excited.  This vampire that has been sleeping for centuries and now has to discover what electricity is, or how to use a cellphone, I was expecting a “KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR” and that he was not.  Our heroine, as much as she wants to come across as independent and kick ass, continues having all these reservations about the feeding and biting that at one point I didn’t understand anymore.

Nevertheless, the embark in this quest to find out who staked him and wants him dead now and their bond is a cute progress to the story.  While this was fun to read, I feel it will be one of those stories I struggle to remember later one because not much about it stood out.  The humor was still there, so if you want a fun distraction then give this a go!  I think this series is perfect for fans of Katie MacAlister dragon books, and especially this one as it finds our main characters traveling through Europe.



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