“More explicit sex scenes and dirty talk? YES, PLEASE!”
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When I saw that Melissa Foster was going to write sexier novels, I got excited! More explicit sex scenes and dirty talk? YES, PLEASE! With the first book in the Bad Boys After Dark series, Foster goes with the boss and the employee trope. Our heroine, Amanda Jenner, is tired of attracting boring men. She is finally ready to take more risks and date other people. But that means putting on a mask and going out to seduce a stranger. For her first time, I’d say Amanda gets lucky because she gets a hook on Mick, an entertainment attorney and her boss. Things get hot and heavy instantly but before they can go all the way, Mick suddenly realizes that it’s Amanda. He pulls back, not wanting to make a mistake but his lust continues to ride him hard.

When Foster says it’s going to be hotter than her other books, she means it. There’s a little less happening in terms of conflict like her other books because so much of the book revolves around Amanda and her desire to become more sexual. So I’d say this book is a little more simpler but it is still entertaining. With as many books as Foster had managed to write, you’d think there’d be some overlap, but each book seems to be completely unique and something new for her readers, and I’m really impressed by that. It’s hard not to fall into a rut and write the same characters or stories over again, but Foster manages it well.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading about the other bad boys! There’s no doubt that Foster writes some amazing heroes and you’ll definitely fall in love with at least one of them!




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