“It was a really nice small town mystery read and it kept my interest all-throughout.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve never tried this author, in fact never had her on my radar even.  But this cover caught my eye and after seeing a great early review I decided to jump in.

This is a second chance love story about childhood best friends.  I have such a soft spot for these!  Alex and Benji were neighbors growing up and best friends.  Their sisters were also best friends.  Everything changes when Benji’s sister goes missing.  Most think she ran away, Benji’s mother thinks she’s been kidnapped.  That begins the downward spiral in their lives.  Alex’s mom divorces her dad shortly after that event due to his alcoholism and moves her kids to another state.  Away from the small town they grew up in, away from their friends.  Alex never looked back.  Even though he promised his best friend that he would keep in touch.

Now a successful journalist, Alex is back in town because his father is on his deathbed.  But this trip stirs up old feelings.  About Misty’s disappearance.  About his attraction to Benji.  Alex has been living as a bi-sexual man, having had both relationships with men and women in the past.  But now he’s ready to admit to himself that Benji was always the one he loved most from the start.

There are things about this story that I really enjoyed.  The overall feeling that the author manages to convey with the mystery and the setting was excellent.  I wanted to know every detail about Misty’s disappearance and I was so focused on the suspense and the overall family dynamics that the romance was taking a back seat for me.

That’s not to say that I don’t think these two had chemistry.  But it was understated for me.  It’s definitely a slow burn type of romance, which is exactly what it needed to be.  But in the end I don’t think I managed to get as invested in the couple as I did with everything else going on.  To me, all the rest was the story, while the romance was more in the background.

Still, I enjoyed BACK TO YOU a lot!  It was a really nice small town mystery read and it kept my interest all-throughout.




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