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“I’m impressed with Bates imagination to create such an intricate world of magic, political turmoil, and how the “Warden of the Land” fought for her people.”
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I’m impressed with Bates imagination to create such an intricate world of magic, political turmoil, and how the “Warden of the Land” fought for her people. I read page after page with curiosity and intrigue right from the start. I can’t pick which parts I love most; the strong heroine, supporting characters, the amazing world building or the magical land.

Let me start with the characters. Elanna, our fearless heroine, was kidnapped and raised by the king who kidnapped her. Thinking the people, culture, and beliefs she had grown up to know are far more superior than the one she was born with. But when the king dies, she is left with no choice but to go back to where she truly belongs. Finding out the truth of her past was a rude awakening for Elanna but she took it like a champ. She had all kinds of reservations and resentment but when the truth presented itself, she was able to take it in her stride. The use of her power to help her people was amazing and awe inspiring. And I really love her powers to control the land. It thought that power to be super cool.

The well-developed supporting characters blew me away. Our hero, Johan who helps Elanna escape and lead her to her people and eventually lead the rebellion against the king. I love Johan and his ability to let Elanna be the badass that she is.  He has now qualms about letting her take the lead yet not feeling insecure.  The romance was slow and really just a small part but it was sweet. I initially thought there might have been a triangle romance but I was relieved to know that it wasn’t the case. Last, her family and the people who fought (some died) for their cause; I think Bates did a great job incorporating what they do and how strongly they believed in it. It made their loyalty believable and it supported Elanna’s decisions in so many ways.

I was floored by Bates world building. She eases you in slowly into this magical world as the protagonist eases into who she is and the power she posses. The magical world and its history are a bit complicated, but not once I was overwhelmed. What I love most is the connection of the land to Elanna’s powers. She reminded me a little of a hippie version of Poison Ivy.

There were some slow bits but only due to the storytelling of the past and I know some might not like that, but it didn’t deter me from enjoying this book to the fullest. I actually can’t wait, and I’m dying to ask the author what’s to come for Elanna and her people, but I refrain in fear of getting blocked in her social media. LOL. I do recommend this book if you like Mary Pearson, Kiersten White, or Sarah Beth Durst novels.





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  1. Sounds really good! I’m going to hope the price goes down soon. Thanks for the great review Angela