The mixture of sexy romance, laughter and the cute kiddie factor made this a book I flew through ~ Under the Covers

Gwen Stratford has had enough of men, after putting up with her husbands abuse for ten years she doesn’t need another name coming in telling her what to do. Especially when that man is her brother’s best friend and fellow SEAL team member Austin Conrad, who seems to possess the ability to drive her mad and imagining him naked all at once. However, she has her daughter Emma to worry about and no matter what the feelings fun lovin’ playboy Austin inspires in her, she will always come first. But, she may need Austin’s help when strange things start to happen and it looks like her ex-husband is stalking her, determined to have them back.

I had great fun reading this book, romantic suspense books don’t often have me laughing, but I should have expected nothing less when it has been written by Tara Sivec. The mixture of sexy romance, laughter and the cute kiddie factor made this a book I flew through.

Austin and Gwen had great chemistry and from the start you could see the sparks flying off them, both from anger and their – at first- reluctant attraction towards one another. Austin is normally the love ’em and leave ’em type, more interested in his career as a SEAL than having a family and it was fun to watch him realise that he loved both of “his girls”. And reading him playing Barbies with Emma, Gwen’s daughter, was adorable, how could you not fall in love with that? Gwen was a strong female character and it was heartbreaking to see some of the things she had been through.

I just wish this book was longer, the suspense part of this romantic suspense wasn’t really that much of a presence in this book, although you know something bad is going to happen, I just didn’t really feel tense or any sense of impending doom. But it did make a good excuse for Gwen and Austin to live in close proximity, forcing a new level of intimacy on them as they live with him in a bid to keep Gwen and Emma safe.

I really enjoyed this book and I am definitely going to read the books I have missed in the Playing With Fire series, as although they can be read alone, I can’t wait to see what happened with the other couples mentioned in this book. So pick Worn Me Down up if you are after a quick, funny and romantic read, it certainly won’t disappoint.

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  1. Drew, Gavin oh wait Jenny oh wait Claire oh shit how does one decide on a favorite I love them all for different reasons

  2. I don’t have a fave character just yet as I haven’t read any of her books but I’ve got a few of them on my tbr pile.