“WICKED ALL NIGHT is sexy and funny and it made me remember what I loved about Shayla Black’s writing!” ~Under the Covers

Wicked All Night – 4.5 Stars

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a Shayla Black book and read it from the first word ’til the last page without stopping but WICKED ALL NIGHT was engaging and entertaining and didn’t let my interest stray.

Decker is the type of Dom I like.  He doesn’t take himself soooo seriously in everyday life.  He can still joke around and flirt, even with his horrible pick up lines.  He’s endearing and you can’t help but like him immediately.  Then he’s also mysterious and tough and every inch the bad boy that I like to swoon for.  Perfect combination.

He truly makes Rachel feel like a million bucks, when she otherwise doesn’t have that high opinion of herself.  She thinks she’s plain and nothing about her should be appealing to a guy like him.  She also has a contract on her head.  Yeah someone wants her dead and Decker is making it his purpose to protect her until he figures out what’s going on.

WICKED ALL NIGHT is sexy and funny and it made me remember what I loved about Shayla Black’s writing!


“Tonight that’s my pussy. I’m going to look at it, touch it, taste it…violate it in every way I can think of.”

Make Me Yours – 3 Stars

Scott was working deep undercover and had fallen hard for the “boss’s” daughter.  The bad boss that is.  He couldn’t let himself get involved then but she’s been lingering in his thoughts ever since he left that situation.  Now she lands on his front steps looking for protection.  She witnessed her father’s murder and someone is after her now.  Scott is the only one that she can trust to keep her safe.

Intrigue and chemistry.  MAKE ME YOURS is the second story in the Dangerous Tides series by Rhyannon Byrd and as the first book, is high on the sex appeal.  I think at times the “smexy times” might’ve overpowered the common sense of the story and I didn’t find it as believable.

I had some of the same issues that I did with the first book.  Some of their encounters were the last thing that would’ve crossed my mind at the time (like when she first showed up at his house and he didn’t know it was her yet).

WICKED AND DANGEROUS is an enjoyable read that definitely turns up the heat!

*ARC provided by publisher

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