ARC Review: My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster

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ARC Review: My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster
My Lady Quicksilver
Book Info

Released: October 1, 2013
Genre: Steampunk
Series: London Steampunk #3
Pages: 425

“I am such a huge fan of this series, with each book the story gets more fascinating as we become entrenched in the beautifully glamorous yet dark and dangerous world of the Echelon.” ~Under the Covers

Rosalind Fairchild aka Mercury the leader of the humanists was determined to bring down the Echelon, but her ill-guided brother Jeremy is missing, presumed dead by a recent bombing, which would make sense as was the one with the trigger. But she needs to find out one way or the other and a perfect opportunity to discover her brother’s fate presents it self when she answers the employment notice for a secretary to Sir Jasper Lynch the leader of the Nighthawks, if anyone is to know what has happened to Jeremy it would be them. But Lynch isn’t what she expected he wakes desires she thought she had long forgotten and he has her challenging her own assumptions about Blue Bloods and the Echelon.

I am such a huge fan of this series, with each book the story gets more fascinating as we become entrenched in the beautifully glamorous yet dark and dangerous world of the Echelon. But not only does this book have a great story and world building, the romance between Rosalind and Jasper was sensual and intense the tension between them was taunt with longing from the moment they set eyes on each other.

Rosalind and Jasper were a fantastic pairing they slowly seduced each other for their own reasons and their attraction and connection was tangible through the pages. She really made the romance between them come alive and the love scenes between them were passionate with an edge of danger that had me both drooling and on the edge of my seat.

Danger was threaded throughout this whole book though, Lynch’s reluctant race to find Mercury, crazed Blue Bloods and a terrible plot devised by the Mechs all make this book fraught with peril creating a fast paced page turner that I found hard to put down. My Lady Quicksilver  also gave us a bigger peek into the world of the Echelon, slowly revealing more of its inner workings and setting events into action which I can’t wait to see the consequences of in future books, times are changing in Steampunk London and I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the upheaval.

This was a surprisingly emotional read, I was tearing up at the end over an almost heroic decision from someone completely unexpected, and yet full of action and a fantastic romance between well fleshed out characters I fell in love with; I can’t wait to read more in the series.

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  1. I love this series with its darker elements, tight plot and the intense characters who easily make me love them. Glad this one was great.

  2. I read(saw) the synopsis and covers from all books from this series 🙂
    The covers are really cool!
    And the synopsis from all books sounds very,very good,interesting combination of historical and paranormal,looking forward to read these series! 🙂

    Thanks for the recommendations and the amazing review Suz! 🙂

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