“…the whole thing was just a bit dull.”
~ Under the Covers

In We Met in December we follow Jess for her a year after follows her dreams and moves from a small seaside town to London. Moving in with 4 almost strangers, she has instant chemistry with Alex, a nursing student, who like her has given up a stable live to pursue something he’s passionate about. However, when she gets back to the house after a 2 week Christmas holiday she finds the beautiful Emma, a fellow housemate, slipping out of his room. Now, she’s stuck in her dream house, with her dream man, but firmly in the friendzone.

I seem to have a habit at the moment of picking up books I think are contemporary romances, but they turn out to be women’s fiction. I believe I’ve read more women’s fiction by accident then I ever have on purpose. Which is the situation I found myself in when I picked up We Met in December. Which is perhaps why it didn’t really win me over.

The main problem was that I found the characters of Jess and Alex really flat and uninteresting. They also had absolutely no chemistry that I could detect. Pair this with the fact that this book spans a year but nothing really happens in that year, or at least nothing that would keep you gripped to the page and the whole thing was just a bit dull.

However, this book did have the vibe of a British Christmas time rom-com film, I’m thinking Notting Hill and Love, Actually. When I was reading I could literally see it reeling through my mind like a film, which I guess could be a good thing and is alternatively probably why it felt so shallow. It also explains why I didn’t connect with this book, as I adore romance books, but I don’t actually like rom-com films.


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  1. British rom-coms are hit or miss for me and since there is no chemistry between the characters, I think I’ll pass.

  2. Interesting review…not sure what the prejudice toward Womens Fiction is and it seems to me the line is more than slightly blurred…but if the characters are flat, then why read it? There, I agree.