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“I cannot wait to see where this series goes.” ~ Under the Covers

I’m a big fan of Jessica Sorensen’s work so I was excited to see something different from her. ULTRAVIOLET is the first in a serial that is more Young Adult than NA and it definitely has a more thriller/suspense feel to it. I read Sorensen’s other thriller book that was strangely twisted so I was happy to see that there will be more to it.

Mila is just your ordinary eighteen year old who has these strong visions. She doesn’t know what they mean or why they are happening, but there’s something very familiar about them that makes her nervous. Her best friend, however, isn’t too concerned as they set out on this road trip that they have been planning since they were kids.

As they set off, Mila wants to check out the quiet town of Hollows Grove which is actually where she is originally found. In fact, she is so grounded in the town that she was found in the dirt.

Yeah. A lot of strange things happen in this book but I’m very eager to find out what happens. Since Sorensen is no stranger to cliffhangers, you can bet that this serial will be packed with them.

Sorensen has some very fun characters in this story so I think it will be easy to follow the serial since readers can actually connect with them. And this Nyjah character really intrigues me…I cannot wait to see where this series goes.

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