“I feel like the plot in this book went in a direction that was completely unexpected for me.  And I mean that in a good way!”
~ Under the Covers

I was super excited to read more in this series about Secret Societies.  After finishing HALF TRUTHS I was interested to know more about the Red Cloaks and that’s what we get in this story.  However, I feel like the plot in this book went in a direction that was completely unexpected for me.  And I mean that in a good way!  But also it seemed to have maybe one too many ideas in one book.  I definitely think I would’ve enjoyed it more had it been a little less throwing every crazy plot and the kitchen sink in it.

That being said though, TWISTED CIRCLES is an entertaining book and it did make me question myself and my intuition several times throughout the story.  While ultimately it wasn’t crazy to figure out, I enjoyed having that back and forth.  This book also has themes of religion in a way woven through the book and I personally really loved that.  It even made reference to some things that I’ve discussed with my family over the years and I hadn’t seen talked about anywhere. Obviously those types of stories made an impression on the author as well.  But I also think that maybe for some people may be a little uncomfortable, so maybe check out some spoilery reviews on that if you think that may be you.

Now onto the romance!  I think that’s one of the parts I found a bit weaker? I was so much more invested in the conspiracies and secrets/plots than I was invested in these two as a couple.

I still enjoyed HALF TRUTHS more than this one, but it’s certainly a good addition to the series and I can’t wait to see what darker subjects the author will explore next!



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