“Jenn McKinlay’s new book, PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA, is a fun romp of a book.”
~ Under the Covers

Jenn McKinlay’s new book, PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA, is a fun romp of a book. There’s not much behind it that draws a reader in except for the setting and the comical characters, but I think it’s a great book if you’re in the mood for something light.

If you’re a person who enjoys reading about a lot of traveling, then I think you’re going to enjoy Chelsea’s story. There are a lot of funny and sweet moments in this book, but the romance didn’t really take off for me. Chelsea has the tendency to be immature and so I wasn’t always on board with a lot of her decisions made in this book. For a twenty-nine year old, she seemed kind of inexperienced and immature. I think this is the case because of the tone that the author was going for. Light and funny, it made the more important decisions feel a bit flat. I think that might be the reason why Chelsea’s character might fall flat with some readers.

So while there are some good and bad things about this book, I think readers who just want something light might find this book enjoyable, especially if you’re interest is the travel rather than character development or plot.


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