My stress levels have never been so high after reading a book and I loved every damn second of it! I think I deserve a badge of honor saying that, “I SURVIVED TOUCH & GEAUX.” ~ Under the Covers

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If you thought you loved the series before now, you’re about to get thrown into a whirlwind of action, suspense, secrets, lies and the ultimate betrayal. Have a defibrillator handy because you’re going to need it! My heart stopped multiple times while reading this and ooohh, it hurt so good!

FBI Special Agent Ty and Zane have made it through one year of living together. We’ve seen them fight and we’ve seen them fall in love. But in TOUCH & GEAUX, the stakes have never been this high or so deadly. Just as Zane is thinking about retiring, Ty receives a call that sets things in motion. Immediate help is required and loyal-to-the-bone Ty and Zane head on the next flight that will take them to New Orleans.

For Ty, the city holds more history for him than just what it has survived. Just being there can get him killed, but if he plays his cards right, he is hoping he can escape unscathed. Unfortunately, Ty and Zane are confronted with something larger than themselves and when voodoo magic gets involved, chaos reigns supreme.

TOUCH & GEAUX should come with a warning. With the amount of action, suspense and heartbreak that happens in this book, readers will absolutely flip. I’ve already warned readers to have a defibulator ready, but even that doesn’t seem like enough. When I say “it will take you on the ride of your life”, I mean that it will feel like you survived a hurricane, a tsunami, and an earthquake all at once. The events that happen are earth shattering and caused a whirlwind of emotion within me. My stress levels have never been so high after reading a book and I loved every damn second of it! I think I deserve a badge of honor saying that, “I SURVIVED TOUCH & GEAUX.”

Abigail Roux – ooohhh, girl you know just how to kill me. Roux is a master at her craft. There is no holding back here. Roux is like a champion boxer – she hits you hard and she hits you fast, leaving no room to breathe. You can feel the adrenaline crashing through you as you read this book. Not many authors are gifted enough to evoke emotions from their readers, but Roux’s words grab onto you and never lets go.

In addition to the amazing action and suspense, there is a lot of emotion as well. Roux toys with them, bringing you passion and heat and heart, but there’s also quite a bit of angst and heartbreak as well. Ty and Zane have never been tested like this before and it only makes for a more heart stopping and gripping story.

I thought Roux had accomplished it all. She made us fall in love with two heroes whose love is almost palpable. But no, Roux isn’t finished with us yet. Ruthless in her ways, Roux gives readers a book that they will die for. I never realized it was possible for a heart to break for so many reasons at the same time.

TOUCH & GEAUX deserves to be savored like fine wine, but there was no holding back for me. I knocked it back like a lush. And the burn? Ooh, it burns soo good! There is no question that this book demolishes all others in the series. I’ve read 133 books this year so far and none of them compare to TOUCH & GEAUX. Make sure you clear off your keeper shelf because this baby deserves its own covet spot! TOUCH & GEAUX is untouchable!

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 Favorite Quotes:

“You told me one time that….I was your compass. I gave you direction when you were lost,” Ty said, nearly choking on the words. He glanced up, eyes reflecting like liquid in the low light. “Well, you were my anchor. You were something solid for me to hold onto. I wanted you to remember that.”


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  1. I really didn’t have words to sum up this book. You did it perfectly. My stomach was tied in knots filled with so much emotion. Now I just wonder how fast can she can write the next book!

  2. I skipped the review (for now) I’m almost done with book 2. I love this series.

    I totally picture “Dean” as Ty. And “Sam” as Zane even though Zane is older. What can I say. I’m on a Cut & Run/Supernatural kick right now. LOL

    1. LOL I just finished watching Supernatural right now! So I share that obsession with you! Yeah, Dean has that look that’s perfect for Ty but I know lots of people see him as Karl Urban too! Which I actually don’t mind at all.

      Eric Bana has that darkness that I think Zane kinda has. And he has that look in his eyes that feels like he’s been through a lot.

      Hope you’re enjoying the series!!

  3. Loved this one too. This was a big book and I knew that after the last one a shake up would have to happen if the series was to continue.

    Thanks for sharing!