Today we are lucky to have one of the sweetest guys around on the blog, who happens to also be celebrating his birthday today!


16763_101355356557551_6640317_nWelcome to Under the Covers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you don’t mind we brought some cake over to eat in bed, of course. 😉

YAY!! Thank You. I’m used to eating in bed, If you get my drift 😉

Tell us about your experiences as Mr. Romance 2009.

Ahhhhh, the LIFE of MR.ROMANCE. It’s been fun. Had its moments. Good and Bad. I wouldn’t change anything about it though. I must admit that he people is what makes me who I am. The Fans are Amazing and Awesome. I don’t even look at them as Fans but more as Friends. Many of them have my Number and text me from Time to Time.

Have you had any fanboy moments while meeting someone you were excited to meet?

I did meet Charlaine Harris. The Author who wrote the Books that would be made into the TV Series TRUE BLOOD. She is a Very Beautiful person. I handed her awards at Last years RT Convention too. Such an honor to meet her.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

Lol. Just one thing? I’d say the most recent was putting myself on EBAY and being auctioned off on a date for my friend who was battling lymphoma. The money was being raised for her Medical bills and other expenses. I never use my celebrity status as a way to get things, But this was the one time I did.

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If you were a wrestler what would your stage name be and what would your special move be called?

Oh Wow. Hahahah. Professional wrestling or Oil Wrestling with women? Hahaha. Ok Ok Ok. Pro Wrestling name would be called….. THE PHOTOGRAPHER. Hahah. Finishing Moves would be called “The Shot” and ‘F-STOP’.

Not only are you a model, but you are great behind the camera as well. How did you get into photography and why do you love it so much?

I’ve always had a camera in my hand. I went from disposable cameras to digital. Then I got my Good camera in 2009. My Mentor MIKE LEE really pushed me and showed me things. How to get the Angle. Lighting. Etc Etc. It all came Natural to me. I love working with Clients and seeing the reactions on their faces when the finished product is shown. I work with Alot of Athletes and competitors. When they see the shots, they love it because it captures a Moment that they worked so hard to achieve.

Some of the covers he’s shot


Modeling and the ladies, does your job make it easier or harder to have a love life?

Hahahaha. Love Life? What’s that? Hahaha. Honestly, Its so much better not to be in a relationship and do what I do. Sad but true. I also don’t put myself out there. I don’t know why. I have had bad relationships in the past so I guess I’m just afraid to date. I don’t like how things always end badly. Don’t get me wrong, I do get lonely. It’s a rough life. During the day and under the bright lights I’m surrounded by people. But when the party is over, I am alone. Every Morning and Every night. Awww, No tears. lol

400089_579385362087879_2036538928_nWhat would you do on an ideal date?

I would go to DAVE and BUSTERS. It’s a Chuckie Cheese for Adults. Hahaha. Good Food. Games and Drinks. That’ what I would do on a first date. You need to interact with a person to get a feel for them. Ya know? You can’t really chat during a movie, so how will you get to know someone just sitting there and watching a big screen? And of course, We all know how the night would end 😉

And who would your ideal date be?

You 😉

Which Disney Princess would you like to date?

ALL OF THEM!! Lol. Probably Belle and Pocahontas on Monday. Then Jasmine and Cinderella Tuesday. Snow white on Wednesday. Well, You get the idea.

What music do you listen to while working out?

If it’s not on Pandora, It’s David Guetta, some Linkin Park and Evanescence.

Quick Fire Round

Favorite shot (yes I mean alcohol): PATRON. SILVER. And so,me JAGER BOMBS!!!
Vampires or shifters? SHIFTERS
Twilight or True Blood? TRUE BLOOD
Favorite person you’ve met at a Romance Convention (feel free to give us details!): ALL OF THEM!! Lol, I have no faves.
Sweet or salty? SPICEY 😉
Hard or soft? HARD. NICE….. AND……. HARD. Then soft. Hee hee hee.
Blonde or brunette?    I don’t discriminate. I love ALL Types of women. But It would be Burnettes because I am a Sucker for a Latina.



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  1. Love Cover Model Week. Finally get to know the cover model. Preset cool he shot a a couple of covers too. He’s hot both on and off the covers!

  2. Oh wow, he is hot. I don’t think I have seen him before. I will be looking for those gorgeous eyes though. Thanks for sharing all his hotness.

  3. Wow a Cheyenne McCray cover, yippee! Thanks for the interview. We need to find you a good woman to change your mind about relationships.

  4. He says he doesn’t put himself out there, but that was very sweet what he did for his friend with lymphoma. Thanks for sharing the interview!

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