“I did like the world that Shelly Laurenston has created and although the romance may have been a bit lacklustre, I would read the next in the series” ~ Under the Covers

I feel like I am having a torrid and stormy love affair with Shelly Laurenston. Like all good love affairs we have our giddy highs and earth shattering lows; when we first met, I couldn’t get enough of her, I devoured her. There wasn’t anything that she had a hand in that I didn’t immediately gobble up and enjoy immensely. However, recently, I feel we are in a dip, she just isn’t satisfying me like she used to.

When reading The Unleashing, I felt like I was having a flashback, all her books a very similar and her characters bare a remarkable resemblance to one another so I was on very familiar and oft trod ground when I was reading this. But, I do happen to enjoy Shelly Laurenston’s stable of characters, even if she does trot them out in various new images on a frequent basis, so The Unleashing was just the read I was expecting; funny and full of action.

I did feel that the romance was lacking, the main characters Vig and Kera were great together, I just wish I had a chance to see more of their impending coupledom; it all seemed to resolve very quickly. I would have liked to see more interactions between them, one, because they adorable and hilarious, and two, so that this paranormal romance book was a bit heavier on the actual romance.

However, I did like the world that Shelly Laurenston has created and although the romance may have been a bit lacklustre I would read the next in the series, just to see what happens and to learn more about the clans. So, although the romance between Laurenston and I may be at a low ebb, we aren’t on the rocks quite yet.


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  1. I loved the world that was built here. One thing that I really enjoyed was bringing up the charity that Kera is starting. For the past few years, a very similar charity has been my charity of choice. I love how they take homeless/deathrow dogs and pair them with former soldier who need a companion. I also loved Brody. She stole the show for me. 🙂