“It was fast paced, exciting with an intriguing plot that had me eagerly (and fearfully) waiting to see what would happen next.”
~ Under the Covers

A dead conspiracy theorist is found setting off a chain of events, including mass murder and kidnapping. Detective Mason Callahan and Special Agent Ava McLane once again find themselves working together to catch the culprit…all whilst planning their wedding. But, things get personal when Ava’s troubled twin sister Jane gets caught up in the plot.

Kendra Elliot is one of the authors responsible for getting me into thrillers and mysteries. And, the one series that really gripped me was her Callahan and McLane series, it had romance, murder and mystery and I quickly raced through the books. So, seeing that The Silence featured one of my favourite crime fighting duo’s had me very excited and eager to start. And, as predicted…I loved it. It was fast paced, exciting with an intriguing plot that had me eagerly (and fearfully) waiting to see what would happen next.

What I love about this book, but, what could also make it difficult for a reader who hasn’t read Elliot before is how interconnected all her series and characters area. I think I will preface what I am about to say next with; although this is book 2 in the Columbia River series, the story itself is completely separate and can be read as a standalone. The connections come through the characters that pop up to assist Callahan and McLane, for example Mercy Kilpatrick, she has her own separate series by Kendra Elliot (which, I highly recommend you read) but makes an appearance in this book. Then there is Callahan and McLane our couple. They also have their own separate series, again, you don’t need to have read it to understand this book, but I found that knowing their background, how they got together, the traumatic experiences they have gone through really helped deepen my enjoyment of this book.

But, lets talk about the story itself, it was fast paced with lots of different threads and angles. I really enjoyed seeing our couple, with the assistance of some great side characters, untangle the sinister web of murder and conspiracy. If you are after a solid procedural thriller/mystery book The Silence is a great place to start.

This was a really enjoyable read, I loved being with Ava and Mason again and seeing how their relationship has developed. At heart, I am a romance reader and seeing them live their HEA, even though they do it fighting crime and dealing with family drama, really appeals to me. Another winner from Kendra Elliot and I can’t wait to see what she brings out next.


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  1. I read the Mercy Kilpatrick series and was disappointed in the last 3 books. However, I thought I would try Hidden, and while it was interesting, I’m just not a fan of her writing. I liked the main characters in Hidden but their connection didn’t come across as deeply as I would have liked. I find her stories are choppy as they progress.

    Her characters are very interesting. I loved reading about preppers and forensic odontology.