“What a lot of fun! It was was cute and funny, a gentle rom com with a lot of heart.”
~ Under the Covers

Molly has found her dream job in Little Bridge Island as the of head of children’s services in the local library. But, her dream soon gets disrupted when a newborn baby is found in the library bathroom. Not only is it distressing to find the poor baby abandoned, it also brings Sheriff John Hartwell to her door. Not only is he infuriating…he’s infuriatingly attractive as well. No man should look that good in a uniform. Especially when he’s being stubborn and unwilling to listen to her advice.

This year, I’ve had a bit of a rocky relationship with contemporary romance. There have certainly been some books in the genre that I have enjoyed but those have been overwhelmed by a slew of titles that have disappointed me. I thought I was very brave *pats self on back* to try out a new to me author, especially one who’s so beloved by so many people. So, what did I think about my first Meg Cabot book? What a lot of fun! It was was cute and funny, a gentle rom com with a lot of heart.

No Offense had a charming small town romance feel to it and was my favourite type of rom com, where instead of the author trying too hard to be funny there’s gentle humour was laced through the book. Although you may never have a big belly laugh you will always have a little grin on your face as you read.

This also had a mild, very mild, enemies to lovers trope. But, it was more like mild-annoyance-and-frustration-with-the-subject-of-my-attraction; calling them enemies was a bit of a stretch. But, watching them bicker was a lot of fun, especially when our grumpy sheriff was so desperately drawn to her…yet frustrated with her amateur sleuthing. Their romance may not have been fireworks and mad passion, but it did have a little heat and combined with the amount of fun I was having I really enjoyed their relationship.

This was actually the second book in the Little Bridge Island series, however, I can attest to to the fact that this can be read as a standalone because I haven’t read the first book – yet – and I didn’t even realise it was part of a series until I looked it up on Goodreads midway through the book. So, if you haven’t read the first book in the series and this one intrigues you, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

This was a light hearted romp that I thoroughly enjoyed, it may have even restored a little of my faith in the contemporary romance genre. If you want something light and quick to read, you won’t go wrong picking this one up.


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