“The Fastest Way to Fall is about to become your new favorite body positivity romance.”

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The Fastest Way to Fall is about to become your new favorite body positivity romance.

Working as an assistant at a lifestyle website, Britta wants to do less assisting to more actual writing. When the opportunity to write about a popular fitness app arises, Britta dives headfirst into her assignment. She may refer to herself as fun, smart, and fat, but she knows FitMi matches its customers with personal trainers so they can get stronger and more confident, not so they shed the pounds. Britta knew it was going to be a challenge; she was up against her old habits and a society that judges plus-size bodies. But Britta wasn’t expecting to find acceptance or affirmation, and she definitely wasn’t expecting to come face to face with her online fitness coach. Wes is everything Britta needs to be her absolute best self, but both Wes and Britta are keeping secrets that could test their very core. Luckily, Britta has been doing planks….

I love romances with body and/or fat positivity, but I was especially excited to hear that The Fastest Way to Fall featured a plus-size lead in a fitness scenario who wasn’t in it to lose pounds in order to get the guy. Don’t get me wrong: Denise Williams definitely covers that, but she created a character who goes on a fitness journey for herself. Britta was confident in herself right from the start; she knew who she was and she loved herself for it, curves and all. Britta’s fitness journey – never defined as a weight-loss journey – only began as a first step in pursuing something bigger. There was a lot of emphasis on fitness and being comfortable and confident in yourself; for Britta, the goal was never just lower numbers on the scale, and that point was always prominent on the page. Through fitness highs and lows, Britta remained big, beautiful and most importantly of all, she remained herself.

The Fastest Way to Fall touched on all aspects of health: physical fitness, mental awareness, and emotional health. Both characters had their flaws and challenges, and I loved that both Britta, who was clawing her way up the career ladder, and Wes, who was seemingly at the top of his game, had their own aspects of health to work on. On the surface, this book may seem to focus on physical health and wellbeing, but there are so many layers. Williams does a fantastic job at connecting the physical, mental, and emotional.

If you love romances with representation, Denise Williams delivers on multiple counts in The Fastest Way to Fall.

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