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Crazy road trip/celebrity stalking adventures meets friends to lovers. What’s not to love?

Bethany Lu Carlisle sees a tweet stating that Keanu Reeves will be married in 90 days. She’s absolutely devastated since he’s the perfect boyfriend and forever bachelor and his impending marriage means the whole world is off balance. After a rough night, she concocts a plan to track Keanu down and convince him that he shouldn’t get married. Or if he does, that her marry Lu instead. Lu’s long-time best friend, Truman (True) Erikson ends up deciding to help her out through all the crazy attempts to track down Keanu from Coney Island to Los Angeles. But what if Keanu isn’t actually the one for Lu after all?

First of all, K.M. (Kwana) Jackson just writes stories in a way that makes the characters so instantly real. Even though Lu is absolutely crazy in my opinion, I can totally understand her feelings and see her as a real person. Kwana’s books also manage to have such great interweaving of comedy, social commentary through representation, and heartbreak. This book is definitely no exception. I laughed and cried my way through the story. I also love how Lu and True are in their 40s, letting us see them at that stage in life with all the life experiences that go along with it.

I will say that it took me a bit to really get into this book. The premise is absolutely ridiculous (in a fun way), which you know going in. However, it’s hard to take Lu seriously when, as a reader, you barely know her and just watch her completely fall apart because Keanu Reeves is supposedly getting married. As the story goes on, though, I start to understand why she might be feeling that way and what events in her life really led to her overall approach to life (trigger warning: death of a sibling). True also feels a bit one-dimensional at first, since he’s not a big part of the initial story. We do get to know him better as we read about him more and I can understand his motivations as well. He really is the sweetest ever.

Overall, this book lived up to its promise perfectly. The blurb says that it’s a “road-trip rom-com perfect for fans of Meet Cute and When Harry Met Sally” and that’s exactly what we get. It’s full of fun tropes and shenanigans. There are many cameos by famous people (can this book become a movie please?) and funny moments that only ever happen in rom-coms. Although this story gives off beach read summer vibes, I definitely think you can read it any time. Be prepared for all the feels!

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