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“Just know that it is not for the faint of heart.” ~Under the Covers

The Fallen is technically, the prequel to Son of Wrath series, but it was released after the first two books of the series, Soul Avenged and Soul Resurrected.  Due to popular demand; Ms. Lake only gave her readers what they had asked for…Xander’s story.  Well, readers got what they wanted.  The Fallen is all about how Xander became a fallen; All the dark and gritty details of it.

It is a very twisted, twisted life that Karinna lives in. She solely lives for one purpose and that is to avenge her sister for everything that was done to her. If it means putting herself in harm’s way, so be it. She will get her revenge.  Xander will be her way to getting closer to that goal.  Though not in so many ways and certainly not to her expectation, he will give her what she wants and needs.

Right from the very start, Ms. Lake had grabbed my attention by revealing how rough this book will be. Not only that she gives you a warning, but from chapter one you already get a feel of how dark and gritty this book will be. Pay heeds to that warning because this book is filled with all kinds of obscenities, profanities and abuse.  But note that it is written in such a fashion that you will come to understand and accept this book as it is.  Just know that it is not for the faint of heart.

I love what Ms. Lake had done with Xander’s story. He is not what I expected.  He is such a contradiction of good and evil.  I mean, he is a man-whore yet, can love selflessly.  Seek to punish who have sinned yet a sinner himself.  His kinkiness was just out of this world sexy.  He is sexy beyond sexy and damn the man is a rockstar when it comes to his “skills.”  He definitely rocked Karinna’s world inside out.

I could not put this novella down.  I was excited and intrigued from one scene to the next.  There was a twist at the end that made me double take and reread that page again to make sure I read it correctly.  It was so unexpected.

For those who are sticklers about happy endings, know that Xander does not get a happy-ever-after in this novella.  However, this book gives you a feeling of satisfaction in the end.   I do know that there are plenty of fans that are requesting (aka demanding), including myself for more of Xander.   Simply because, well, every hero deserves his HEA.

The Fallen is on Amazon for free, courtesy of the author.

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