ARC Review: The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

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ARC Review: The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling
The Ex Hex
Book Info

Released: September 28 2021
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 320

“THE EX HEX has the right spooky vibe for the season.”

~ Under the Covers

There’s a trend I’ve been enjoying a lot seeing lately, and that’s the witchy books coming out. There’s something I particularly love about a paranormal romance that has a small town vibe, full of family and some spells thrown in for good measure. Absolutely love it. So I was beyond excited to read THE EX HEX. In some way, it gave me what I was hoping for. And in others, it left me a bit underwhelmed.

Let’s start with the good. The vibe in this book was exactly what I wanted. A light hearted paranormal romance, with family drama and witches that are not always on top of their spells. THE EX HEX has the right spooky vibe for the season. I loved the magical aspects of the storyline. 

But this is a romance and as much as I love second chance romances, this wasn’t a stellar representation. I didn’t feel the irresistible connection between our main characters. I didn’t buy into their unresolved issues of the past and how, if their feelings were there all along, it took this long and basically a chance encounter for things to start moving forward. The urgency of the romance wasn’t there for me with this couple.

In the end this was still an enjoyable book to read especially this time of year. Perfect for readers that don’t want something scary and instead just want fun. I’ll probably continue reading on in the series.

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Erin Sterling also writes as Rachel Hawkins, the New York Times bestselling author of multiple books for young readers. Her work has been sold in more than a dozen countries. She studied gender and sexuality in Victorian literature at Auburn University and currently lives in Alabama.

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