This was just the taste I was craving for! ~ Under the Covers

Oh how I miss the caravan!!!!  The novellas in this series have been featuring people outside of the caravan world and away from Criminy.  This was just the taste I was craving for!  A tough heroine that goes full force ahead to get what she wants, and a tall, dark and mysterious hero.

Let me just say for a man of few words and a lot of danger, Marco Taresque had my heart fluttering with just one look.  Maybe it’s the air of danger that comes already from being a knife thrower.  Add to that aura the fact that he could be a murderer.  Call me stupid, but I was attracted to him like a moth to his light.  Marco ended up being full of surprises!

Then, of course, there’s Jacinda.  What a great heroine and the perfect spice to draw him out!  She’s a journalist braving the caravan world to interview everyone and write a book about the lives they lead.  The story that catches her interest immediately, of course the bad boy knife thrower who may or may not have killed his assistant and ran away.  She also is immediately attracted to him, period.  And she’s woman enough to not be scared or intimidated and go for what she wants.

The chemistry and banter between them was awesome.  There was just a hair of danger but their meetings where always full of sensuality.  And when things ever went to more than just playing…VERY hot!

I also enjoyed the small glimpse of actual caravan life that we got.  And I especially liked Demi, whom we see a bit of in this novella, and she will be getting her own book next.  As always, can’t wait.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I read the first book in this series. I found it interesting but not enough to continue with the series. Thanks francesca