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Review: The Corrupt Comte by Edie Harris
The Corrupt Comte
Book Info

Released: Aug. 22, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Bourbon Boys Quartet
Pages: 262


Brimming with passion, THE CORRUPT COMTE simply outshines other Historical Romances I’ve read with its potent emotion. ~ Under the Covers

As a newbie to Edie Harris’ writing, I was intrigued when so many fellow reviewers fell in love with this novel. So I decided that I needed to read it too. Right away, it felt reminiscent of Anne Stuart’s House of Rohan series. Sexy and seductive while also paying attention to detail, Harris’s voice is very eloquent and free-flowing. The descriptions are what make this book so incredible.

When Gaspard Toussaint first sets his eyes upon Claudia, a lot is circulating in his head already. There is a little weight on his shoulder telling him that a lot can go wrong with a woman like her, but the fun bit is, he doesn’t care.

With a character with such loose morals, there’s bound to be some fun and seduction coming your way. That’s exactly what Edie Harris runs with. Brimming with passion, THE CORRUPT COMTE simply outshines other Historical Romances I’ve read with its potent emotion. As a result, the romance between Gaspard and Claudia is immensely satisfying and seductive.

The touch of angst is well-suited to the story and builds the mounting tension that seems to reach a pinnacle towards the end. There is the matter of the villain plot that didn’t quite reach my expectations. However, I still think that Harris makes up for it with the dirty talk.

All in all, as my first book by Harris, I’m sure I will be picking up book two of the Bourbon Boys Quartet. For just a taste of the naughtiness that ensues in this book, I give you this quote:

 “Shh, kitten,” he whispered in English once more, nuzzling her temple, mouth open and hot against her ear. “Trust me.” His palms curved beneath her breasts, lifting them as his blunt fingertips tweaked her nipples expertly enough to have slickness gathering between her clenched thighs. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever touched. Une ange, bébé.” He groaned quietly as he caught her earlobe between his teeth. “Je t’adore,” he muttered, thrusting against her backside.”

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  1. This book has been on my tbr pile since last year, I plan on reading it this year…Thanks for the great review Annie.

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